my braun shaver stopped working

For me, that was the biggest problem. Also, make sure all the clips are undone and that you havent missed any (sometimes they can just go back to the original locked position) and again check that the button on the back and the charging port dont get in the way. Is it just a drain hole issue or could it be something else? Replace the foil and cutter every 9 months to keep it sharp and unclogged. The fact that it stopped working again after wiping it dry isnt a good sign and theres probably not much you can do except buying another compatible station. The fluid rises a bit more and then it begins to spray out of the well. Heres a pic I took that shows how the button should be placed (before putting the case back on). Assemble the station back in the same order, making sure to lock the four tabs by pressing them outward until they snap into place with a click. I have a Series 7 (not even a year old). Please feel free to continue this topic if you have any further questions. I let it dry completely and now the center blue light only flickers once as the shaver is inserted into the cradle and does not stay lit after this to indicate its ready to clean. It is under warranty, so I may call Braun and see what they say about it. Is a replacement gasket available? Thanks for the reply. I hear the pump turn on and the razor begins agitating. I have manually turned the impeller many many times, to no avail. Servicing a rotary-head electric shaver, How to disinfect an electric razor in 6 easy steps. That pretty much concludes this guide. If not, there could be a way of bypassing that sensor, although I havent tried it myself. The drain hole is clean. Luckily, its pretty easy to fix. If the station thinks the fluid is over-contaminated (by measuring the electric conductivity), it may appear even sooner than that. Could be a faulty/dirty circuit board or sensor (the one that measures the electrical conductivity of the fluid). Definitely dont glue it. A few months ago it started, and, like you, the cleaning fluid sprays out everywhere. What did you use to refill the cartridge? Braun Electric Shaver 5424. If not, I would also try cleaning the small circuit board with a cotton swab and 99% Isopropyl alcohol (the station must be unplugged, with the cartridge and outer case removed); its a long shot, but might work. After shopping around for a replacement, the thought, came, I wasnt alone and so I stumbled upon your website and Low and behold, after following your detailed instructions, its working again,. The station itself is not waterproof and the logic board can be irreversibly damaged by water. It didnt seem to be stuck, but it didnt work before and now it does! Might there be something wrong with the fluid that it does not evaporate? The overflow drain took 4.5 years to get clogged. You simply add the content of the package to 500ml of 70% (or more) alcohol (you can use isopropanol or ethanol). Also, if you browse through the comments on this page, youll find that some users ended up with an unusable station after doing just that. Is this the end of the line? The white LED on the station should only start blinking once you press the start button and the cleaning begins. Step 3 Look inside the cleaning compartment to check that there is adequate fluid in the cleaning cartridge. And in the case of electric shaving, it is usually just a matter of choosing the electric shaver that suits you and adjusting your technique a little bit. When I push blue button, it hums a little like it wants to start, but then the light turns red and everything stops. It seems to be able to measure the level of cleaning fluid I have left and displays that accurately (full at the moment), but none of the lights (eco, normal intensive) light up when I place the razor in the slot nor will it clean any longer. Hi, My Braun series 7, model 790cc-4 cleaning station does not tell me when its time to change the cartridge. Check to see if it isnt clogged as well. Please see the other videos also, before DIY your station!And here are the other videos:\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=32\u0026t=3s\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=33\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=34\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=35\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=36\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=37\u0026t=18s\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming\u0026list=PLv52A7rm-UViZEOlzZfZOB9Gl8cjS3ze5\u0026index=38\u0026ab_channel=TonyFleming So when its done cleaning, typically I find the half of the head that was pointing down (submerged) is clean and the other half stays dirty. Free shipping to your home. This would be the first thing to check and see if the charger was providing the correct output voltage. The only liquid I use is the cleaning fluid. Other comments on this site suggest that it is possible to refill and use cartridges. From what I can tell, it wasnt a clogging problem from the get go. Alcohol alone will always cause the station to signal an empty cartridge which prevents the cleaning process from starting. I have an issue with the cleaning cycle starting spontaneously (without me pressing the button). To re-synchronise or "pair" the SmartGuide and your Triumph toothbrush, hold down the "h/min" button inside the Smartguide for 3 seconds until the display starts flashing "L". That can damage the electronic components irreversibly. This issue happened to me as well with a Series 7, but everything went back to normal after unplugging and plugging the cord in. You can try gently cleaning the board with Isopropyl alcohol, it definitely wont hurt trying to fix it instead of buying a new one. For more details, please see this comment. Greetings, Ovidiu Thanks so much for the tutorial on cleaning out the drain hole. Obtain shaver oil lubricant and lubricate all parts inside the foil and cutter. Unplug the power cord from the station and remove the cartridge. I have changed the cartridge and the drains are not plugge. Within a very(!) I would advise updating the unclog instructions to say it should also be cleaned. Thanks. With my old station, I had at least twice that number of cleanings and the liquid that was left was minimal and dirty. The exact model of shaver that works perfectly well for your friend or neighbor might not work in the same way for you. In any event, before reading your insightful instructions on how to care for it, I would periodically, run water through the station and drain hole to clean it out. I have verified there is enough cleaning fluid (usually the lights would tell me if that werent the case) and also it seems the two little holes where beneath the bottom of the razor are clear. But a nice little chunk came out. I think the issue may be caused by a defective electronic component that will likely need to be repaired/replaced. Bought razor new, set it up in house 1, works great all functions. Station is working!!! The fluid should be pumped out of the cartridge through the impeller, circulate through the shaver and inner chamber, and then return to the cartridge through the drain. Plus, its also cheaper to make a station with fewer features. But an excellent tip to help you extend the life of the batteries is to remove them from the shaver and store away carefully after each use. What do you think is the problem. PDF . Asides the foil-head shaver, rotary-head shavers are also simple to maintain as long as you clean and lubricate them from time to time. Learn more. Cleaning and charging occurs regularly, but the razor is wet, drying does not occur. Usually there is kind of a gurgling sound along with the buzzing sound. But the charging station onky charge but do not do the ckeaning at all. I've used electric shavers for most of the time I've shaved and the Braun Series 7 model 7893s is hands down the best electric shaver I've ever used. I would have to jiggle the shaver or repeatedly reinsert it until the three lights turn on. I will clean the drain hose,it a little dirty but not bad. I cannot open it properly to get the cartridge out. I tried cleaning the drain hole with a toothpick and its totally clear. It can be tricky to get everything lined up. So now you just need to ask yourself the kind of technique youre using and whether or not it is efficient. When I press again the same thing happen. Dealing with a stuck impeller But no matter how long i run the cleaning proces, the lower light (with 3 drops. Why Your Braun Oral-B or Sonicare Toothbrush Is Not Charging We are often contacted by customers whose Electric Toothbrush has stopped charging. Please Advice. Thank you. Hi Nicolae, Thanks for your guide! By the late 1930s Braun had completed his own novel design for an electric razor, and worked out how it would be produced. As mentioned in the article, a clogged station is easy to diagnose, but if its not actually starting the cleaning process when you press the button, it may be defective. My gasket frequently falls to end up on top of my cleaning fluid container as I renew my cleaning container. I wouldnt worry too much though. Ive never seen this happening, but anything is possible. Leave the device plugged in for a maximum of 2 hours. If the outlet is not functioning, the trimmer will not be able to charge. Can i put my shaver wet (Immediately after rinsing under tap water) in the cleaning station or should I wait till it dries? Thats how you would normally stop the fan before the end of the drying cycle (that should normally be completed in around 40 minutes). So it may not be very easy to identify the problem associated with this device. I think Ill have to stick it around the drainage pipe with feviquick or something.any ideas? I should note that the same charger was used both times, so maybe its frying something but I cant think of what else it may be. In addition, I have had the black gasket come off from the housing unit and essentially just sits on the cleaning cartridge. If you hold the 'Lock' and 'Release' buttons at the same time, it temporarily locks the head so you can remove the the razor section. Ive checked the drain holes too, but theyre OK. As always, we believe that your safety comes first before anything. Just to make sure I understood everything correctly you have used this precise station before and it worked fine? So I am assuming that the shover isnt communicating with the system? So to avoid rushing into the bathroom for a quick shave only to find a lifeless shaver and to ask yourself why your electric shaver doesnt shave and how you can fix it, try to handle it with proper care. Is there anything in the system that would tell the pump to stop pumping when it reaches a full or in my case over full? Was the station purchased previously, maybe with a different shaver? Switch on your clipper for a few seconds to evenly distribute the oil between the blades. Locate the small drain hole. Please do this once: check whether you have inserted the battery correctly and let it charge for at least 24 hours. You are very welcome, Bob glad you found it useful. Switch it on again after 24 hours and try it out. Thats awesome, Russell, glad you found it useful in solving the issue. It seems like the drain just cant keep up with the flow of liquid filling up the tub. I would strongly advise against that. With a properly functioning station and a cleaning solution with a higher alcohol content (90% or more), the head should be slightly damp at the end of the cycle, but Ive never seen one perfectly dry. Ich habe einen Rasierapparat der Marke Braun Series 9 mit Reinigungs- und Ladestation. If the problem still is not fixed, you may need to bring it to the manufacturer for bigger problems. I reckon its the former, but just making sure. Ive used and owned dozens across all the different ranges and I even used the infamous unplug and plug back in method. Thats pretty much it. Wipe off any excess oil. I use it twice a day sometimes to keep totally smooth which I love. The red light on my Braun Series 9 cleaning station wont go off. If the problem still persists, your unit may be defective, in which case you should return it for a refund or replacement. So I think Im in the clear. I have a series 9 shaver and I shave daily. There are certain particles like hair clippings, dirt, dead skin or lather buildups that can seriously impair the performance of an electric shaver. Where it used to fill the chamber quite a bit with the liquid, nowadays it makes a sad sort of sound and only maybe half fills the chamber. Also having a charger with the correct voltage but with a higher current output may work but it depends on the circuit design in the trimmer. Sadly I have not used it in over a year and now I have no idea how to get the unit to start cleaning. I have a Model 5762 shaver. I cleaned out the drainage hole with a Q-tip. Please check out this part in the article for more details of how to fix it. While not technically a clogging issue, it is somewhat related to the topic and it seems to happen more frequently than I thought. It got here in time for Christmas and it works, so everbody's happy. Braun Series 9 Model Comparison: What Are The Differences? I have a new cleaning unit in the charger. Any thoughts as to why this maybe? this machine is way to expensive for it not to be working! Is the drain hole definitely free of any debris blocking it? The simplest workaround would be to use a third-party cleaning solution like the one in this article. I have a question: how does the clean indicator work? Once i cleared that out everything is now working fine. I have to commend you for replying to every post on your page. So according to the indicator, the shaving apparatus is still not clean. The gasket was still pliable and seated properly in the C&C station, so I ran my finger between the impeller housing and the gasket to flare the gasket out away from the impeller housing. I can see the pump is pumping so much fluid, That it Starts overflowing into the slit that the fan would blow out air. What Do I Need for Electric Shaver Repair? Electric shavers can stop working efficiently for various reasons, but it is usually something that you can fix on your own without buying more parts and spending money. murray.wallace6, Take it back for a replacement or refund as it should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, @jayeff HAVEN'T GOT MY RECEIPT WHY DOES IT TELL YOU THE MANUAL IT MAY NOT CHARGE PROPERLY, Nov 27, 2021 by Tim Fleming. Thank you. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that there is nothing more annoying and frustrating than trying to shave before a dinner date or an important meeting, only to find out that your electric shaver has stopped working. I have a braun s 7 360 shaver about a year old. Normally, this wont be necessary, but if theres still some gunk that you cannot remove, heres how to do it. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, How to Repair a Rotadent Electric Toothbrush. Also, only the Series 9 solo models starting with 93 (like the 9340s) will work with a compatible Series 9 station. In order to fix it, you must first remove the outer housing of the station (just follow the instructions in step 4 above). You are very welcome, Paul, glad you managed to fix it. It seems, however, that if you dont use the cleaning station regularly, the pump may freeze up and not work. Thread starter Jaded17; Start date Oct 1, 2014; J. Jaded17 Novice Member. While you could let water carefully run through the station, making sure it only drains through the drain hole and doesnt come in contact with the electronics inside (which are exposed), its better to avoid doing it. It has to be a purpose designed USB charger for the trimmer, not just a general USB charger. And it worked! Some from what I understand, the impeller wasnt stuck, the pump is working, but theres no liquid coming into the cleaning chamber? Thanks, Andrew. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue: Check the charging cord and the charging port on the trimmer to make sure they are free of debris and in good condition. I will do a bit of research before I replace the unti, but I think the issue is electronic and beyond the scope of easy home repair. I have a Series 9. You can also check to see if water has gotten into the electrical unit of your shaver. How can open shaver braun model 5424 to change swi. Of course this didnt start till the warranty just happen to expire. If its still under warranty I would send it to a Braun service center to have it repaired or replaced. The unit will charge and plenty of solution is applied but after that it just goes silent and will not finish the cleaning process. What is the model of the new smart center you ordered? Have you checked the gasket that surrounds the intake tube (where the pump is located)? Have you got a DMM (digital multimeter) so that you can test the voltage output from the charger? Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. The cleaning process in the high-intensity mode can take a while (with some longer breaks in-between), are you absolutely certain that the cleaning process wont resume if you just leave the shaver in the station? Thank you. The compressed air was especially helpful for cleaning the overflow drain. Was the head hot after leaving the shaver in the station for a few hours? Im thinking the problem is with the overflow (?) Thank you, I will try again would think that the manufacturers own people wouldnt make the same mistake twice. The shaver head update was a big improvement over the shaver head for my shaver which is the standard 9000. Thanks for the detailed instructions. And to be quite honest, some of them simply perform poorly. The fan comes back on. I noticed that with the series 9, whether the station indicates 1, 2, or 3 lights the cleaning cycle time is all the same.

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